ISS Industrial Motor Starter with SmartStart Motor Protection

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  • Designed for ease of integration with automation systems
  • Comprehensive inputs/outputs for buildingautomation systems
  • Reduces installation costs
  • High reliability
  • SmartStart patented superior motor protection
  • Electronic overload protection including locked rotor, cycle fault and maximum time to start (due to mis-sized motor or overload)
  • FLA out of calibration indication--ensures installer sets overload correctly based on calculated motor size
  • Advanced control inputs eliminateinterposing relays
  • Three dry inputs for auto-run, permissive auto and shutdown
  • Two voltage inputs (12-250VAC) for auto run and fireman’s override
  • Fault logging retains critical information
  • Last 10 start conditions, including FLA setting, max inrush, run current, time to start, and safety start mode.
  • Factory retrievableUniversal application
  • Automatically detects voltage (200 to 600VAC)
  • Converts to 24V for control power
  • UL Type 1, 4 and 3R enclosures
  • Lockable enclosure
  • 3R features lockable keypad cover
  • Start/Stop/Remote keypad with LED status indicators
  • Intuitive operation and control with start (manual run), Stop, and Remote run modes
  • Type 4 enclosed starters feature a 3 position switch for Start/Stop/Remote, and a Run Pilot Light
  • Combination versions include disconnect
  • Motor circuit protection disconnect provides short circuit protection
  • High interrupting ratings for maximum electrical system compatibility
  • No fuses required
  • Lockable handle for safety

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