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PCHS Humidity Sensor for PC Series Fans

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Humidity Sensor (PCHS)

Using a PC fan with S&P’s humidity sensing control is a worry free solution to fighting excess humidity and possible mold problems. The sensor easily mounts inside the fan housing utilizing 2 pre-drilled holes and a standard receptacle. With the sensor at ceiling level it detects rapid increases in moisture where steam and humidity naturally rise, and automatically turns on the fan. The humidity sensor features an automatic shut off to save worry and money. The humidity sensor is the perfect solution to “fit & forget” the bath fan, especially in high traffic bathrooms, kids’ bathrooms, or households on-the-go that must leave the house without properly venting humidity. S&P’s PC fan with optional Humidity Sensor helps prevent cosmetic and possible mold issues associated with excess moisture.

• Detects rapid rise in humidity

• Simple plug into receptacle in fan housing

• Auto-shut off timer

• Accessible sensitivity adjustment

• Humidity is sensed at the ceiling

• Can be installed with new fan or as an add-on later if needed


This product is pre-installed in PCD110H and PCD110IAQS fans.

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